Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming Spring Tour, and chillin' with the Waynes....

What's good people?!

I sit here in my heated confines detached from the 4 degree weather outside. Today marks the beginning of a new era for Fameless Entertainment and some new prospective outlooks for everyone involved.

Not much to be let loose right now, but stay tuned for a LOT OF NEW MUSIC!!!

I will be releasing my new album with Dope Fiction "Lessons Learned" on December 22 exclusively right here!!!

SO come back to get that for free download.

Beyond that, March 2010 will begin the touring season for myself, Broken, Reason the Citizen and Language Arts Crew. Dates will be added starting in January.

If you're where I am, stay the fuck inside, it's cold. If you're in California, I envy your situation infinitely. Be well, and check out my new sitcom dropping Fall 2010, "Keeping Up with Input & The Waynes"


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