Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Are For Serious.

Friends, Lovers, Devout Drinkers of Whiskey, and Members of The Press;

I would like to expand on what Input posted earlier today.
Yes, there is a rising tide of energy here at Fameless. We've got many ideas floating about--most are good ideas; some are ideas that need some refining. We want all of you to feel closer to us than you feel to an estranged uncle. We aim to do this by providing you all with a constant blast of upcoming show dates, news of new material, and other odds and ends that we think deserve your attention.

As the shiniest, squeakiest, and newest addition of the FMLS organisation--I'm technically an unpaid PR intern--it is my job and my personal goal to bring to you this steady flow of information and media. I will also be working with the artists of FMLS to populate all the new forms of social media we're going to get ourselves and you addicted to.

More info coming soon.

~Jumping Right In.



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